Our Process

Our adaptive process has been applied to thousands of projects and refined over more than a decade. At it's core it facilities cross functional collaboration among diverse teams to solve complex challenges.

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We begin by understanding your customer. What they think, how they feel, what they see, hear, and do. We reframe the current challenges, imagine new experiences, and prioritize activities. Our newly discovered customer insights along with the broader business goals help identify the ideas, campaigns, technologies, and features that have the best chance of growing the brand and encouraging customer engagement.

Essential Components: Personas, Customer Journeys, Summits, Service Blueprints, Ideation.

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With our bearings oriented to the destination, we set our minds to solving how we will reach the Summit. We leverage insights from our discovery process and huddle a larger cross-functional team to deliver a working model of the idea, service, or product. The solution is tested with people to get feedback, released to the public, and refined based on information collected about the user experience or campaign progress.

Essential Components: Sketches, Wireframes, Designs, Prototypes, MVP, Production Release, API Integration, Campaign Development & Attribution

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Launching a project is only the beginning. We leverage real-time analytics and optimization tools to analyze customer behavior and present a personalized experience. We also guide that growth, by continuously evaluating the effectiveness of a marketing touchpoint with the goal of increasing your ROI.

Essential Components: Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Digital Optimization