B2B Enterprise Platform & App


Zipit is a powerful, enterprise service designed for transportation and rental companies for the purpose of managing and tracking vehicle damage. Zipit integrates with existing inventory systems to provide seamlessly integrated data on vehicle damage and managed accountability. 


  • Develop technology for documenting and tracking damage to vehicles and rental property through a simple, transparent, and secure transaction.
  • Remove the, "Burden-of-proof" companies have when documenting vehicle damage.
  • Solve the ongoing issue of inefficiency and accountability in the fleet management industry.


  • Create a prototype that we can learn from and use to develop a MVP
  • A fleet representative should can capture and sync vehicle details in under 3 minutes
  • Develop a a scalable content management system for admin purposes.
  • Build APIs to connect the CMS with iOS devices used in the field


How Does It Work?

Using the Zipit API, data is pushed from third-party software into the Zipit database so it's immediately retrievable and synced among existing backend systems. During the check-in and check-out process, the Agent retrieves the customer's information, documents the vehicle's condition, collects the customer signature, and shares the incident reports. Best of all, it's easy, quick, and everyone is informed of the vehicles condition.





Through observational research and one-on-one interviews, ikonic identified opportunities in the fleet management and vehicle rental operations where technology can help remove human error and decrease processing time to check-in & check-out a vehicle. Next we worked through a quick 5-day design sprint to prioritize features and create a working prototype to test with employees and customers to help refine the concept and inform our strategies for go-to-market plans.

Armed with this roadmap, our dev team built a native application that centralized customer records and supported web service delivery. Debuted in 2016 the app facilitates more timely and effective interactions between customers, employees, and suppliers while decreasing vehicle processing by 50%.




Enterprise software for managing and tracking vehicle damage through existing inventory systems.