Increasing Visitor Inquiries with the help of a Design Sprint


IO is a leading technology and data solution for school data and classroom management. After several acquisitions, IO needed to update their website and digital marketing efforts to meet their growing customer base and business needs. 

IO came to ikonic to help refine their website's user experience and apply informed design to increase engagement. Our deliverables included rebuilding the website's information architecture, enhancing and streamlining the layout & design, rebuilding PHP page templates, onboarding IO to a more flexible workflow, and facilitating a design sprint to validate our solution before writing a single line of code. Some of the initial quick wins were streamlining to a more advanced analytics implementation and assisting IO to a new marketing automation platform.


We had the benefit of focus groups to help us better understand the customer needs and confirm the website's usability impeded visitors from recognizing the value of the product. The research gave us a springboard to improving usability and increasing visitor inquiries.


We dove right into a design sprint to solve usability issues. The challenge we ran into was organizing the many product variations into themes and prioritizing page content across different audiences. To tackle the problem we generated a list of benefit manifestations for users to card sort, enabling them to match offerings with their expectations. With the user benefits prioritized and factored into the new architecture, we crafted an interactive prototype of the key pages and flow.  The benefits of the prototype were two-fold. It helped organize everyone around a shared vision and validate our direction with users.



Next, we created high-fidelity design concepts to fuse the new user interface design with brand standards and the IO design language. ikonic also collaborated with IO Education on improving the content assets across the website. This exercise structured the content hierarchy and promoted the highest priority pages to enable discoverability of content for various user groups.

Finally, our development team moved forward with the redevelopment of the platform. We stripped the content management of excess bloat, inactive code, and redundant libraries. The theme was preserved as not to disturb legacy content, but with significant improvement to the code to optimize page load times. Lastly, we built a custom theme layer to enable IO Education to create dynamic pages in a new drag-and-drop UI.


As the front-end of the website came together, we advised IO on implementing HubSpot for marketing automation (among other technologies) to improve their marketing workflow. We also built custom workflows to push leads into Salesforce from form fills across the platform. 


The result of our three-month effort was an exciting accomplishment for IO. Our effort gave IO a fresh start - and an opportunity to gain traction in a competitive and rapidly growing industry.  


IO was thrilled to launch in November 2017, and the combined effort of our UX & front-end designers, developers, and IO team made this a seamless transition without any website downtime. The IO team can now deploy new website content on demand, in a robust workflow, without the assistance of a digital partner. Since the website launched, inquiries have increased over 20%, site abandonment decreased 25%, SERP increased dramatically, and the Sales team receives more qualified leads.


IO Education

A leading solution for school data and classroom management.