Customer Engagement Marketing

The power of our work comes from consistently providing, at every customer interaction, a unified, personalized, accountable experience.

Imagine building a website or app, investing in a marketing tool, or promoting a service or product with confidence - knowing it was the best use of your marketing budget. With ikonic as your partner, we make these decisions easier on your team so they can concentrate efforts on the activities that garner results.

With the 'what' and 'why' answered in the strategy phase, we progress to the 'how' – engagement. We craft prototypes, run sprints, customize platforms, produce content, integrate technologies, account for analytics, and apply years of experience to optimize the customer engagement. We ensure your brand is consistent throughout an individual's many interactions while optimizing and attributing the value of each conversation.
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Based on the real value we are solving for your customer, we assemble a cross-functional team to design, build, test, and measure. We tackle each project with an open mind as we are not obligated to a platform or framework. We put our work through the deep cleanse as we scrub it for build-measure-learn feedback. Once deployed, momentum continues as we continuously monitor customer insights for usage metrics and new customer needs and seamlessly apply updates to products or campaigns.

It's our never-ending focus on the end user that guides our work and delivers, at every customer interaction, a unified, accountable experience.

Engagement Services

A blend of creative, technology, and analytics capabilities delivered in an agile process.

  • Design
  • Modular Design Systems
  • Voice algorithm
  • Development & API integration
  • CMS implementation
  • Application development
  • Personalization
  • Marketing Automation
  • Optimized landing pages
  • Enterprise Magento & Shopify+ development
  • Data & Analytics integration
  • Data Warehouse configuration
  • Campaign & UTM attribution
  • BI reporting & integration
  • Retention analytics
  • Measurement & Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Attribution tracking

3 Ways To Work With Us

Many of our clients come to us with a particular need and eventually expand their relationship with us. Our flexible process means you can begin with a workshop or defined project and later take advantage of our subscription.

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A flat fee subscription allows you to avoid scope meetings, change orders, hourly billing, and other distractions. Our subscription will serve you best if you are growing fast and have multiple needs.

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Project Based

If you have a clearly-defined need with a specific deadline to meet, starting with a project may work best for you. Project work includes our Strategic and Engagement services.

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Our workshops help organizations see the big picture. Each session provides a captivating mix of hands-on activities, discussion, and coaching by our team. You’ll start applying your practical skills the moment you step out of training.

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