Consumer Marketing Technology

Written By: Wes Herzik
Published On: May 6, 2017

We place advanced technologies at the centerpiece of a wider marketing operation and work within the overall marketing structure to deliver timely, connected experiences. Why should you care? Because your marketing needs to achieve lofty business goals.

Insight-led and technology-enabled

On any given day we immerse ourselves in buyer journeys, personas, APIs, frameworks, content platforms, cloud integration, and analytic tools to deliver cross-channel, real-time communications.

We’ve spent hundreds of thousands testing campaigns for clients and ourselves. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and one of the biggest lessons learned is to test early and test often. Get the initial results, calculate returns, then scale. And you can’t do this unless you have the systems in place to track behavior and expertise to turn data into actionable results.

Create a Consumer Experience

Building a delightful consumer experience for your brand begins with a deep understanding of how people encounter, interact with, and venture from your services. We visualize this process so you can identify moments when users succeed and key areas to invest in moving forward. Armed with this information, our team of experts will craft a holistic experience that enhances your brand, while empowering your team through integrated technologies and our own expertise. The result is a a unified end-to-end customer experience that can serve as the foundation which to build your new communications, website platforms, and mobile apps.

And, Create Content People Care About

Content is what attracts prospects at the top of the funnel and content is what nurtures leads down the funnel to drive traffic to your property. To create content that people actually care about, you need to uncover and address the higher-order problems your customers are facing now or will face later before you put idea to pixel. You have to do the sustained work of thinking through these problems and coming up with relevant insights.

Employing statistical methods (and really good content creators), we isolate the factors that matter, and remove the guesswork from content creation.

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